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When it comes to innovative solid surfacing solutions, a name that you can trust is – Corian Panga! Nothing says style and class like the acrylic solid surfaces that has become a common sight in homes, offices, hotel lounges, restaurants and more

We bring to you innovatively designed solid surfaces that delivers a unique combination of contemporary style and a touch of sophistication for your countertops, tabletops, sinks

Why shape the corners, why go for monotonous shapes when you can get one-of-a-kind curves! Think out-of-the-box with modern designs with a hint of a class when designing interiors and exteriors for your home or office premises.

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What We Do

Acrylic Solid Surfece

Corian acrylic solid surface is a versatile, completely flexible solid surface that easily fits into any project and atmosphere. From being used in wet to

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Charcol Panels

Nothing beats class in exterior wall systems like our pre-fabricated Charcoal panels designed by top fabricators at Corian Panga.

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Alabaster Sheet

Corian Panga, being the pioneers in the industry offer designer and top-quality alabaster sheets that lends appealing look to the interiors of your home or your commercial property.

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Corian Panga brings innovation and uniqueness in wallpapers and wall murals to redefine your walls! Find the most extensive choice of attractive wallpapers and fabric to suit your individualistic style here.

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CNC Work (2D/3D)

Corian Panga takes absolute pride in its professional team of fabricators, and their expertise in rendering complex CNC work (2D/3D) designs using top-quality milling machines.

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We do home Decoration

We do Office Design

We do Interior Design

We do Commercial Design

We do Living room Design

We do Wallpaper Design

We do CNC Work (2D/3D) Design

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Our Team

Fabricator team

When you hire Corian Panga, you get nothing less than extraordinary! Corian Panga believes in providing solid surfaces that has unmatched quality, have high-end aesthetics and always exceeds our customer’s expectations in product design.

This is the reason why we give special focus on our team of fabricators and architects that have the hands-on expertise and the training to provide you with unbelievable designs for your project.

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Clients Words

  • Franklin

    I got the best acrylic solid surface for a countertop for my kitchen. The product was delivered as advertised, really satisfied with the designs.

  • Anderson

    Loved buying from you! Your designs were simply breath-taking and were just the thing I was looking for renovating my office. Great work, I am really pleased with the products, thank you once again

  • Williamson

    The solid surfaces were aptly packed, and they arrived in perfect condition. Your fabrication service was on point and was really helpful in the entire process. Full stars from me. Great work

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